Friday, March 2, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Today is . . .

*the National Education Association's Read Across America Day

*Dr. Seuss's birthday

*my special friend Wilma M.'s birthday


*the day we learn the winner of the Wee Are Readers photo contest!!!

Every wee reader is a winner in my eyes, and so are adults who take time to share books with children.

A special thanks to all blog subscribers who showed support for childhood literacy by voting. Not an easy job, since these little tykes are all so adorable!

Before we learn who wins, let's take one more look at these sweet little bookworms. Wee Are Readers Photo Parade encore, please!

Entry 1: Linda C.'s grandson

Entry 2: Kristen J. and daughter

Entry 3: Mickie W. and daughter

Entry 4: Kristin H.'s children

Entry 5: Sandra M.'s son

Entry 6: Kristin J.'s daughter

Entry 7: Poppy-Pops and great-granddaughter

Entry 8: Ally B.'s daughters

Entry 9: Kristin H.'s children

Entry 10: Kimberley G.'s children

Entry 11: Kristin H.'s son

Entry 12: Mae M.'s niece and son

Entry 13: Margie M.'s son

Entry 14: Ally B.'s daughters

Entry 15: Holly K.'s daughter

Entry 16: Tia M.'s son

Entry 17: Abby B. and niece

Entry 18: Ally B.'s daughters

Entry 19: Kathy T.'s grandson

Entry 20: Andrew B. and daughter

Entry 21: Ally B.'s daughter

Entry 22: Angie F.'s son

Entry 23: Kaye W.'s grandson

Entry 24: Monicka E.'s sons

Entry 25: Abby B.'s daughter

Entry 26: John C.'s grandchildren

Entry 27: Kathy T.'s grandson

Entry 28: Kathy T.'s grandson

Entry 29: Kathy T.'s grandson

Entry 30: Heather H.'s daughters

Entry 31: Paul B.'s daughter

Entry 32: Shelley C.'s daughter

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. The entrant who received the most votes, our Wee Are Readers winner is . . .

(Drum roll, please . . . .)

Entry 7: Poppy-Pops and great-granddaughter!!!

Congratulations to Kati H. for submitting the winning entry. She will receive a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (her choice). WooHoo!

Blog friends, how will you share the gift of literacy today?


  1. Diana,

    What a precious gallery of readers you have here!They are are all beautiful and I commend you for promoting such a worthwhile cause as reading for our children.

    Congratulations to the winner,Kati H for such a priceless pose between generations, captured for all time. Lovely!


    1. Kathy, I'd love to see every child enjoying books as much as these wee readers. This contest was so much fun that I think I'll hold it again next year. Kati H. plans to take her daughter to a brick-and-mortar Barnes and Noble to choose how to spend her $15 gift card. It warms my heart to know a child will enjoy browsing a bookstore as a result of this contest. Thank you for helping us celebrate the Photo Parade.

  2. Congratulations to Kati and Kya!!!
    From Kya's Paternal Grandmother

    1. Kya's Grandmother, congratulations to YOU for having such an adorable wee reader for a grandchild! I hope her trip to the bookstore is great fun. Thanks so much for stopping by to help us celebrate.