Friday, March 9, 2012

A Book to the Rescue for Tornado Recovery

"In like a lion; out like a lamb." We've all heard that description of March weather, but for many residents of the Midwest this year, the reference to the month's entrance came tragically true with a massive tornado outbreak. I've read reports that 36 twisters touched down across the region on February 29, 2012, killing at least 12 people. Two days later, an estimated 40 more followed, claiming another reported 39 lives.

On Leap Day, 2012, Branson, MO, took a direct hit as a tornado roared down the Highway 76 strip, a popular tourist destination.

The Taneyhills Community Library stood in its path.

Photo courtesy of Branson resident Connie Foster Carter

Compared to devastated communities like Marysville, IN, Taneyhills' damage seems relatively mild. But for the sake of the Branson community, this little library deserves our attention now more than ever.

According to the library's website, it receives no local, state, or federal tax funds. It is financed solely through donations, including support from the Library Club. It is staffed primarily by volunteers.

In a community reeling from the tornado's aftermath, library donations could become scarce.

But we can help!

To support this library, Oak Ridge Boys singer and songwriter Joseph S. Bonsall and Sheaf House Publishers are offering a sweet deal.

For every copy of Bonsall's From My Perspective sold between March 5 and April 5, 2012, he will donate 100% of his royalties to the Taneyhills Community Library. Sheaf House will donate an additional $3.50 per copy and cover shipping and handling.

That means the library will receive $6.54 for each copy sold!

So why not order a new book, enjoy free shipping, and help the recovering Branson community maintain one of its greatest treasures--a public library? Visit the Sheaf House website to learn more by clicking here. Share the gift, folks. That's what it's all about!

Now for some FUN, blog friends--what's YOUR favorite Oak Ridge Boys song?

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  1. "I'll Be True to You" always made me teary-eyed. I'm a sucker for sad songs.