Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Peek In #3

Week 3 of my Share the Gift Double Kindle 3G Giveaway is here. The reader's question I drew today focuses on one of my favorite hobbies: photography.

Have you ever considered compiling some of your extraordinary photos into a book? Having seen a lot of your work I think it would be a FABULOUS idea!

On top of writing more novels, I would love to create books featuring original photographs my husband Steve and I shoot. Since my novel Delivery is set in a floristry and my lens often focuses on vegetation, a book on botanicals might be a great place to start.

Just as I love looking deep into my characters’ hearts and minds, I love examining nature up close and personal.

Working as Hand in Hand Studios, my husband and I shoot a variety of subjects, including weddings.

But macro photography is where my passion lies. The closer I look at God’s creation, the closer I feel to Him. No matter what season, when writer’s block strikes, I like to grab my camera and head outdoors.

Nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than taking a fresh look at the world through my macro lens. Doesn't God make some awesome stuff?

We receive repeated requests to publish books, calendars, etc., with our images, but such projects are expensive. Imagine the cost of all that ink! For free, you can check out photography samples on our Hand in Hand Studios Facebook page. Look us up and “Like” us here:

While I love taking pictures, I love writing even more. For now, my focus is on fiction--promoting my debut novel Delivery and my exciting Share the Gift Double Kindle 3G Giveaway. In December, one lucky entrant will win a Kindle 3G and choose another person to receive a second Kindle 3G. Will it be you? See details by clicking "Contest" above.


  1. Beautiful pictures of God's wonderful creations. You and your husband definitely have an eye for the correct shot !!!

  2. Exquisite photos,Diana. You and your husband definitely have a gift. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing this side of your creativity with us!

  4. Sandy, Kathy, and Carrie, thank you for stopping by. Although my husband would like to claim credit, I shot all images posted in this blog. ;-) Glad you enjoyed them. Blessings and a red carnation to you!