Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Peek In #1

I have drawn the first reader's question in my Share the Gift Double Kindle 3G Giveaway. Drum roll, please . . .

How did you come up with Mom Robinson in Delivery?

Writers draw from life experiences to craft stories and create characters. We tend to write about what we know or at least to use that as a spring board for ideas. When I began writing Delivery, I knew I needed a loving character who could effectively plant seeds in Livi Wilson’s troubled life. Someone whose faith is strong and whose words are wise. Someone whose small acts of kindness could make a huge impact on an entire community. Then, it hit me!

Years ago, an elderly woman in my hometown used to take routine strolls down Main Street, visiting shop after shop to smile at, chat with, and love on everyone she encountered. She loved an entire community into calling her “Granny Lowry," God rest her soul. Her sweet demeanor prompted some shop owners to give her samples and freebies. She’d often shuffle into the flower shop where I work to re-gift them to us. And when we gave her flowers to take home, we knew they’d end up on someone else’s desk at another business in town.

Granny Lowry mastered the art of making a quiet gesture with a loud message—a perfect basis for Mom Robinson.

I also needed a hook to hang Mom’s generosity on. That’s when I remembered hearing a floral convention speaker named Frankie claim that if a floral designer stops loving a red carnation, it’s time to find another profession. She insisted it takes a special woman to be excited about a red carnation.

Bingo! Mom Robinson was born.

She is Mount Helicon's community matriarch, sharing her gifts along Main Street and beyond, loving all of God’s creation—even the mundane red carnation. What better person could Livi turn to in her search for healing and forgiveness?

Mom's generous spirit led me to launch my Share the Gift Double Kindle 3G Giveaway. The winner will choose a second Kindle 3G prize recipient. Click on the Contest menu item above for entry details.

Sharing our gifts is what it’s all about, folks! What gift will you share today?


  1. I loved Mom Robinson and how you came up with her as a character. Beautiful job. I have an idea I got years ago in college and never used that I think I'll use in my next WIP :) It's about an elderly man. I love the red carnation. It was the perfect touch. Blessings for success that are every bit as sweet as Delivery. Folks, if you haven't read it yet, this is one Delivery, you don't want to miss. BJ

  2. Thanks for submitting the question, Barbara! I enjoyed answering it. I hope Granny Lowry and Mom Robinson's generous spirits continue to impact lives through Delivery. Blessings and a red carnation to you!