Friday, December 23, 2011

On This Night

As I anticipate the smiles and squeals of loved ones unwrapping packages that surround our Christmas tree, a basic truth of gift giving comes to mind:

Our joy multiplies exponentially when we share.

So to spread some joy, I'm sharing "On This Night," a song my husband and I wrote to honor a babe lying in a manger. To listen, turn on your audio, click the arrow below, and celebrate the greatest gift of all, the gift God offered to save the world.

Merry Christmas. Share the joy. Christ the Savior is born!

(Photograph by Steve Prusik)

On This Night
(Composed by Steve Prusik, lyrics by Diana Prusik, instrumentals by Steve Prusik, vocals by Larry Gerst and Steve Prusik)


  1. Absolutely beautiful,Diana and Steve! You two have so many blessings to share through your gifts as you spread the Good News. Thank you and continued blessings to you and yours in this season of joy and hope.

  2. Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to You and Yours!